ASP.NET MVC 5 Fundamentals

Comprehensive 9.5 hour course will help you get up to speed quickly with ASP.NET MVC Version 5.x | taught by Bob Tabor

Course description

This comprehensive video series will help you get up to speed quickly with ASP.NET MVC Version 5.x. The aim is to help you understand every important feature of the MVC framework; the philosophy behind the framework, conventions, Visual Studio tooling and scaffolding, helper classes utilized in Views and Controllers, Razor syntax, attributes, validation, routing, areas, internals, filters, architecting ASP.NET MVC applications and more.

Course Curriculum

MVC5_001 – Series Introduction FREE
MVC5_002 – Building your First ASP.NET MVC Application FREE
MVC5_003 – Understanding the Model View Controller Design Pattern FREE
MVC5_004 – Understanding “Convention over Configuration” FREE
MVC5_005 – Passing Data from the Controller to the View
Code Files for the Couse
MVC5_006 – Defining a View and Layout
MVC5_007 – Helper Methods in the View
MVC5_008 – Understanding Razor Syntax Basics
MVC5_009 – Generating a Scaffolded App from an Entity Data Model
MVC5_010 – Introduction to Routing
MVC5_011 – Working with RouteValueDictionary in HTML Helper Navigation Methods
MVC5_011-Challenge – My Comic Books
MVC5_011-Solution – My Comic Books
MVC5_012 – Introduction to Data Annotations
MVC5_013 – Preserving Data Annotations using a Partial Metadata Class
MVC5_014 – Understanding MVC Application Architecture and the View Model
MVC5_015 – Introduction to Model Binding
MVC5_016 – Creating an HTML Form with Labels and Other Form Controls
MVC5_017 – Introduction to Validation
MVC5_018 – Adding Client-Side and Unobtrusive Validation
MVC5_019 – Introduction to Cross-Site Scripting and the AntiForgeryToken
MVC5_020 – Styling HTML Helper Method Output
MVC5_021 – Returning Views, HTTP Errors and Redirecting Requests
MVC5_022 – Layout Pages, RenderBody, RenderPage, RenderSection
MVC5_023 – Partial Views
MVC5_024 – Child Actions
MVC5_025 – Caching Actions and Child Actions
MVC5_026 – Custom Routes
MVC5_027 – RESTful URL Design
MVC5_028 – Attribute Routing
MVC5_029 – Filters
MVC5_030 – Areas
MVC5_031 – Bundling and Minification
MVC5_032 – Custom Display Templates
MVC5_033 – Custom Editor Templates
MVC5_034 – ViewBag versus ViewData
MVC5_035 – TempData
MVC5_036 – Using Resource Files for Strings and Error Messages
MVC5_037 – Implementing Localization
MVC5_038 – Creating Custom View Models
ASP.NET MVC 5 Fundamentals Q & A
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Bob Tabor
Bob Tabor

Bob Tabor is an author, trainer, entrepreneur and five time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award winner. He founded LearnVisualStudio.NET in February, 2002 in an effort to make training inexpensive and accessible to everyone. He was the first to create training videos on C# and .NET, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, SQL Server and more. In 2004, Microsoft approach Bob about creating courses that would be included "in the box" in the various Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions. These became the very first video training courses hosted on Microsoft's own web properties. Since then Bob has created hundreds of hours of training featured on Microsoft's like Channel9 and Microsoft Virtual Academy. Universities, companies and non-profits around the world use Bob's training in their curriculum on a daily basis.

Before striking out on his own, he worked as a software development consultant in the Dallas, Texas USA area at large organizations like Ernst & Young, KPMG, Sprint, American Heart Association, Mary Kay Corporation and others. He has a degree in Management Information Systems from Loyola University of Chicago, but with regard to software development is self-taught. After struggling for years to grasp important software development ideas, he realized that the fundamental problem with training was that it was expensive and instructors were inconsistent in their knowledge and presentation skills. Bob is married, has two sons in college and lives in the Dallas, Texas, USA area.