Architecting the Persistence Layer with the Repository and Unit of Work Patterns

2+ hour course on building a Persistence Layer using the Repository and Unit of Work Patterns | taught by Bob Tabor

Course description

In this 2+ hour series Bob tackles the controversial Repository Pattern as it applies to the Persistence Layer of your layer architecture. You’ll learn of the different implementations of the Pattern, why some nuances are better and some are really anti-patterns and will come to some conclusions on the best course of action for designing your own Persistence layers. Bonus: Also features a 50+ page study guide!

Course Curriculum

RUoW_01 – Series Introduction FREE
RUoW_02 – What is the Repository Pattern
RUoW_03 – Repositories and Query Construction
RUoW_04 – Understanding the Specification Repository
RUoW_05 – Understanding Abstract / Generic Repositories
RUoW_06 – Repositories and Domain Driven Design
RUoW_07 – Returning IQueryable from a Repository is an Anti-Pattern
RUoW_08 – Understanding the Unit of Work Pattern
RUoW_09 – Do we even need the Repository Pattern?
RUoW_10 – Recapping your Repository Pattern Options
Architecting the Persistence Layer with the Repository and Unit of Work Patterns eBook
Architecting the Persistence Layer with the Repository and Unit of Work Patterns Q & A
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Bob Tabor
Bob Tabor

Bob Tabor is an author, trainer, entrepreneur and five time Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award winner. He founded LearnVisualStudio.NET in February, 2002 in an effort to make training inexpensive and accessible to everyone. He was the first to create training videos on C# and .NET, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Studio, SQL Server and more. In 2004, Microsoft approach Bob about creating courses that would be included "in the box" in the various Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions. These became the very first video training courses hosted on Microsoft's own web properties. Since then Bob has created hundreds of hours of training featured on Microsoft's like Channel9 and Microsoft Virtual Academy. Universities, companies and non-profits around the world use Bob's training in their curriculum on a daily basis.

Before striking out on his own, he worked as a software development consultant in the Dallas, Texas USA area at large organizations like Ernst & Young, KPMG, Sprint, American Heart Association, Mary Kay Corporation and others. He has a degree in Management Information Systems from Loyola University of Chicago, but with regard to software development is self-taught. After struggling for years to grasp important software development ideas, he realized that the fundamental problem with training was that it was expensive and instructors were inconsistent in their knowledge and presentation skills. Bob is married, has two sons in college and lives in the Dallas, Texas, USA area.